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Frequently Asked Questions on the OZONOS air cleaner


OZONOS removes odors without leaving any residue, aerosol grease, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and allergens. This makes him a versatile problem solver at home and at work.

For permanent use. With normal odor pollution and low levels of bacteria, viruses or germs.
Where? Allergy-friendly bedrooms and living rooms, smaller lounges, buses and motorhomes
For quick and intensive cleaning. With more intense smells and high levels of bacteria, viruses or germs.
Where? Kitchens, offices, changing rooms, sales rooms, toilets, classrooms, doctor’s offices and waiting areas
For professional use. Where? Garbage rooms, industrial kitchens, workshops, ski boot rooms, drying rooms

The OZONOS has an air throughput of 55m3 per hour. The OZONOS can be used in rooms of up to 50m2 (with normal room height). The more central and higher the positioning, the more effectively the OZONOS can work.
Ozone goes down and bad air goes up. Therefore the OZONOS should be placed as high as possible. For optimal effectiveness we recommend a height of at least 2m.

The OZONOS AC-I can be used around the clock. For the AC-I PLUS and AC-I PRO models, we must advise you to leave the room after 8 hours at the latest. In principle, however, you can rely on your senses when using the OZONOS: If you can smell the ozone, this means that there are no more substances in the air with which it can react. The room is clean and the OZONOS can be switched off.

The new OZONOS remote control now has a timer function. The numbers indicate the minutes after which the Aircleaner switches off automatically. The new remote controls can only be used with the associated new device. Please understand that we cannot make an exchange here.

The OZONOS has no filter, only the UV-C lamp inside has to be changed after 8,000 operating hours. You can recognize this by a red signal light. The interchangeable lights are available in our shop.

Option 1: you send us the air cleaner and we will exchange the UV-C replacement lamp.
Option 2: we will send you the uv-c lamp and you will take care of the exchange. We generally recommend consulting a specialist for this. If you or a third party exchange the replacement lamp, we must point out that the guarantee granted by and expires.

Ing. Dipl.-Ing. Mag. Dr. techn. Richard Brunauer published a Scientific Assessment of OZONOS ‘technology in November 2019. The questions and answers provide extensive, scientifically sound background information and arguments as to why the OZONOS Aircleaner works and is safe for humans and animals.

Ozone is a form of oxygen that instead of the normal two oxygen atoms 02 – like oxygen in the atmosphere – contains three oxygen atoms, O3. Ozone is a harmless but very useful substance. It reacts with organic substances
to oxidize (remove) unpleasant odors and bacteria. If ozone cannot find any substance with which it can react, it will break down again to O² (oxygen) after a short time.
The OZONOS generates ozone through ultraviolet radiation,
just as it does in nature. Our patented and TÜV-certified process copies the natural formation
of ozone in the ozone layer in order to eliminate odors, germs and viruses without leaving any residue.

The third oxygen atom of O³ is only weakly bound to the other two. It therefore easily separates from these in order to combine with other substances. This compound causes the oxidation (elimination) of odor-causing substances, germs, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and allergens.

All so-called waste products break down to dust or dissolve without leaving any residue. Since every household or business is cleaned regularly, these will be eliminated by normal cleaning work anyway.

OZONOS essentially opts for so-called ozone generators. Ozone generators use very high voltages to generate ozone and / or ionized air by means of electrical discharges (corona discharges). The latter are also called ionizers in the trade. The disadvantage: Coronary discharges produce toxic nitrogen oxides (NOX) in normal room air – the main pollutant of summer smog and absolutely undesirable in room air. In addition, the amount of ozone generated, usually more than 1,000 mg / h, is much higher than, for example, with the OZONOS with 2.5 mg / h (OZONOS AC-I model). The use of conventional ozone generators is only possible in a very controlled manner; staying in the same room during cleaning is strongly discouraged. In contrast, the OZONOS has been proven to be absolutely harmless to humans and animals and no harmful by-products are created. For this he received TÜV certification and household appliance approval. OZONOS Aircleaner is produced in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 exclusively in Austria and is subject to strict controls. It is therefore not to be equated with harmful ozone generators.

Although ozone is a very powerful oxidizing agent, it has a short lifespan. In its natural concentration, ozone has no negative effects on our health. The OZONOS AC-I is absolutely safe for humans and animals and was the first ozone air purifier in the world to receive TÜV certification and approval for household appliances.

Yes! It has even been scientifically proven. That is why it is already used in numerous medical practices, hotels, restaurants, kindergartens, shops and public buildings.